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Time for the 3-Ds Clean Protocol - Drench, Detergent, Disinfectant

Looking towards the end of rearing season, as many game farms start to pack away the rearing equipment, now is the time to thoroughly wash away the diseases of 2017. There are many disinfectants that will clean away the majority of bacteria and viruses, but it is extremely important to use a licensed disinfectant that kills coccidiosis. We recommend using Interkokask disinfectant and a detergent should always be used before any disinfectant. Remember that sheds, night shelters and pen sections all carry disease and should be cleaned every year using the ‘3-Ds’ Cleaning Protocol. We as a practice have seen significant reduction of coccidiosis on game farms that have adopted this protocol.

The ‘3-Ds’ Cleaning Protocol below provides you with an effective process to clean your equipment and maximise disease reduction.


Power wash out the shed (with or without heat) to remove large particles of dirt. 

Allow the house to dry.


WHAT CLING 2 removes grease allowing disinfectants to work effectively.  

WHEN Apply to dry surfaces after a pre-wash.

HOW Apply evenly via pressure washer until all walls/ceilings are covered.

HOW MUCH 50ml/Litre of water (5% concentration).

QUANTITY 1x 25kg container will be enough for 400Litres of water.


WHAT INTERKOKASK acidic disinfectant against bacteria, viruses and COCCI.

WHEN Apply to dry surfaces after a detergent.

HOW Apply approximately 200-400ml per m2 to all walls and ceilings (400ml if wooden surfaces).

HOW MUCH 40ml/Litre of water (4% concentration).

QUANTITY 1x 10Litre container will be enough for 250Litres of water or 625m2.

Please speak to one of our vets about further methods of environmental cleaning for sheds suffering severely with coccidiosis.

If you would like to order Interkokask or Cling 2, please phone Dispensary on 01392 872930.