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St David's Game Bird Cleaning Pack

Now that the season’s over, it’s time to look ahead to the next  – the groundwork for a successful 2020/21 season begins now.

Getting off to a good start with properly cleaned and disinfected rearing equipment should be at the top of the agenda. Often equipment including rearing sheds and runs would have been left outside all winter and are due a good clean before using again. Wild animals are likely to have utilised the shelter over the cold months and so now we must ensure any biosecurity hazards such as virus or cocci challenges are targeted and reduced. 

We’ve put together a cleaning pack with our recommended products at a discounted price, and this along with our simple 3Ds cleaning protocol will provide you with the information and products needed to ensure that a high standard of cleanliness can be achieved, including targeted coccidial oocyst reduction. 

Game Bird Cleaning Products

The 3Ds protocol that we advise is: Drench, Detergent and Disinfectant. 

First, power wash all equipment to remove large particles. Second, use a powerful detergent like Cling 2 and lastly, disinfectant to target and kill bacteria, viruses and cocci oocysts. 

Following this, clean the header tanks, pipe work and connectors. Replace all pipes smaller than 5mm and the rest of the water system should be drained and filled with a 4% hydrogen peroxide based cleaner like Aqua-clean. Leave this in the system for at least 24 hours to help remove the algae and biofilm.

For more guidance on the 3Ds protocol, you can head to our Youtube channel to watch our informational video here: How to clean your game bird shed and equipment

The products included in the pack are Interkokask and Cling 2, we recommend these products because these are the most effective ones that we, as vets, have found on the market.

Interkokask is effective against bacteria, viruses and cocci oocysts and has been successfully used across all poultry sectors within our practice. Critically, it has also been licensed against cocci oocysts.

Cling 2 is also recommended as it is good at cutting through and dissolving the greasy barriers that can often prevent the disinfectant process from being 100% effective. With its’ high foaming formula is it also very easy to see the coverage, ensuring a deeper clean and so it should be considered as a crucial step in the cleaning process. 

The pack includes enough detergent and disinfectant to clean; 

  • Approx. 5 large Pukka/Sedgemoor sheds 
  • Approx. 11 medium 12ft x 12ft sheds 
  • Approx. 21 small 8ft x 8ft sheds 

To order, visit our new online shop or contact dispensary on 01392 872930.