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NEW Natural Game Bird Products - Poultry Pharm Game Bird Tonic and Game Bird Hold

Over the past 6 months, St David’s Game Bird Services have been developing two new game bird products with the nutritionists at NAF, one of the most respected and well-known brands of animal supplements in the UK.

Poultry Pharm Game Tonic – A complementary feed supplement for game birds.

TonicPoultry Pharm Game Tonic provides support to newly hatched chicks throughout their growth stages right through to their release date. This natural product is a complex formula rich in prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and is designed to be added to drinking water. A complex ingredient inclusion that works in synergy to support each individual bird from the inside out and provide them with essential life support. The formulation’s strong body of antioxidants supports the bird’s natural defences against the effects of free radicals, leaving the body in optimum health for the season ahead.

Poultry Pharm Game Tonic contains a unique combination of vitamins, which has positive effects on body weight, feathering and skin condition. Ideal for challenges such as bitting, moving, feed changes, weather fluctuations, disease and aiding egg quality and production. Game Tonic contains Detoxerol, a complex ingredient that works to maintain a healthy immune system, support gut flora and allow birds to cope with environmental challenges. From game bird trials with Detoxerol, it was found that over three consecutive game rearing seasons and in nine separate trials, the use of Detoxerol in a controlled feeding system has on average reduced mortality by 14% in pheasants and 38% in partridges, compared to feeding systems not using Detoxerol. The profit on additional income from reduced mortality rates after allowing for the cost of Detoxerol, averaged 35%.

Game Tonic comes mixed and ready to use; to be added directly to game feed, maize or corn, dispersed by hand, hopper feeder or spinner or administered to drinking water. Available in 1L. Administer approximately 150ml for 1000 birds per day. 30ml of Game Tonic needed per 10L of drinking water. 

Poultry Pharm Game Hold – A complementary nutraceutical for game bird performance.

HoldPoultry Pharm Game Hold is an enticing mix of aniseed, mineral oil and holding spices; designed to attract birds and deter them from wandering from their food source. The synergy of these natural properties supports healthy digestion and encourages food intake. Aniseed provides a strong scent and is well known to support digestive health, while the mineral oil prevents solidification in freezing temperatures and ensures an even distribution while assisting flow through feeders and spinners.

Game Hold comes mixed and ready to use; to be added directly to game feed, maize or corn, to be dispersed by hand, hopper feeder or spinner. Available in 1L. 25ml of Game Hold needed per 25kg of game feed or corn.

For the month of August we are running a 10% discount on each of these products.

Game Hold (1L): £20.33

Game Tonic (1L): £34.51

To order Poultry Pharm Game Tonic or Poultry Pharm Game Hold, please phone Dispensary on 01392 872930 or speak to your vet.