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20% Discount on Avi-Peck Game Blocks

We are currently offering a 20% discount on the Avi-Peck Game Mineral Blocks so each 10kg block now costs £10.40 +VAT. (Blocks have been split into 2 X 5kg blocks for easier dispersing around pens).  

Until recently, little information has been available on the nutrient requirements of game birds. Game bird diets must be tailored to the purpose for which they are reared: birds reared for release generally require a diet high in protein and low in energy to produce leaner birds. A high rate of weight gain could impact negatively on their ability to fly. Pheasants might also develop leg disorders or abnormal feather growth if certain nutrients such as protein, methionine, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, ribloflavin, choline, manganese and zinc are lacking in their diet. The supplementary pecking mineral blocks have been formulated to prevent this and helps birds adapt the intake of minerals to their particular metabolic needs, promoting optimisation and nutritional efficiency of the feed. The blocks also have a mixture of aniseed and oregano flavourings so act as a hold to prevent wandering. Click here to find out more information on the blocks. 

To order, please contact Dispensary on 01392 872930.